"A piano is like a sonnet, aching with form and chords, and a sonnet is like a golden cage. But if you’re going to have a golden cage, you’d better have something worth caging. Alison Chase Radcliffe’s haunting tenor-baritone vibrato is the perfect wild beast. Her deep and low siren is full of bones and soul as she paces inside the corners of her piano. Those bones are on the outside of her, like a crustacean, and maybe that’s why she plays with such a hard elbow and a sure and steady wrist. She walks her notes forward freely, without marching them, but neither does she sniff every butterfly along the path. She makes full use of the piano’s essence—a percussion instrument—without letting its edge completely define her voice. But the best thing about Hard Feelings is its unselfconscious quality. The EP recording is completely absent the tricks and lusters of a label-produced project so that the songs, including Radcliffe's own Hard Feelings, and tracks by Roosevelt Jamison and Blind Willie Johnson, have never seemed more genuine. There is no sense of “big show” to the performance so that while we know Radcliffe is singing to the whole world it makes it easier to think she’s also singing just to our single pair of lonely ears." Barrett Warner, Writer

" Radcliffe’s powerful and distinctive singing immerses the listener in a world of yearning and sweet anguish that is as haunting as it is overwhelming." Mark S. Sanders, Award Winning Poet, Actor, and Performer